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Physics is Being Pervaded with False Special Relativity information that there has been no Lorentz Violation. Science Media, John Baez and other researchers disseminating Incorrect Experimental Info! See Email to IceCube Collaboration regarding their 2018 paper on Lorentz Violation (March 2023). 

Letter to Professor Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. Infinity x Zero = c, re-emergence of two favorite Indian entities topples Einstein’s Special Relativity Derivation that his two postulates necessarily imply the Lorentz transformations. Time of Einstein-Newton was also based on wrong philosophy; Time Dilation equation founded on that is failing emerging experimental tests (June 2023). article: Infinity x Zero = c Explains the Constancy of the Speed of Light and Topples Einstein’s Special Relativity. “Annihilation” by Infinity that Aristotle Used to Argue Against its Existence is Actual Physical Reality (June 2023).

Letter to Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation which organizes and funds seminars and other events. This is regarding Time and Clocks Seminar that took place 27 Feb – 03 Mar 2023. Physics authorities and the media are two powerful pro-Einstein groups that are not presenting objective truth regarding time and special relativity but, in fact, are selectively evading truth (July 2023).

White Americans’ IQ Decline is Confirmed by 2023 IQ Tests – Book Chapters 14 & 15 Coming True! The result of IQ decline will be fall of American economic and other power. News reports: “Historic decline in IQ” … “Falling IQs have become yet another mystery for scientists to solve.” (August 2023)

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