Letter to Perimeter Quantum Gravity Conference Attendees Regarding Evasion of Special Relativity Time Dilation Theoretical and Experimental Problems

Evasion of Logic Will Result in Eventual Invalidation of the Life Work of Scientists Whose Success Rests of Such Evasion

To: Perimeter Quantum Gravity Conference Speakers and Participants,

Sent: October 21, 2023

Subject: Evasion of Special Relativity Time Dilation Problems (Including Experimental) at Conferences

Dear Quantum Gravity Expert,

This is regarding the Quantum Gravity Landscape Conference, October 23 – 27, 2023 at Perimeter Institute.  Pursuing quantum gravity without knowing about experimental and other problems with special relativity can have serious consequences for the validity of your work down the road. Perhaps, it would be wise to read on and invest some minutes to learn truths you would not have heard before and which could change your quantum gravity pursuit.

The Time Dilation Equation of the Lorentz transformations has had experimental confirmation problems in clocks outside the atomic and subatomic realm. You can read about Special Relativity Time Dilation Experimental Failure details and how these have not been reported by most science media, in my October 20, 2023 “Letter to European Space Agency (ESA) Regarding Special Relativity Test That Should be Done Using Atomic and Quartz Clocks Together to See if Time Itself Dilates and if the Time Dilation Equation Holds Outside Atomic-Subatomic Realm” at https://churchofphysics.org/developments .

In addition, there is a foundational theoretical problem with special relativity. The Lorentz transformations are not necessarily the only equations that follow from the two postulates of special relativity. The existence of an alternative set of equations forms a counterexample and shows that Einstein did not have a valid derivation that the two postulates necessarily lead to the Lorentz transformations (and to no other equations).

There are frivolous attacks on special relativity, why is this not just another one of those? The failed attacks generally challenge the validity of the constancy of the speed of light postulate; we believe both postulates are perfectly correct (and experiments have repeatedly shown this to be true in precision tests). We keep both postulates perfectly unchanged. Further, many in physics have acknowledged reading the counterexample in the attached paper. They have not stated it to not be a counterexample or to be a crackpot or pseudoscience claim.

You don’t need an experiment to see that there exists a valid counterexample; that is only a matter of logic.

The requirement that any development of new physics maintain Lorentz transformations, and the associated spacetime, as a limiting case has, in our view, been the major cause of the failure of quantum gravity pursuits. The Lorentz transformations not being the only ones consistent with both postulates provides the much-needed freedom from this requirement. Again, both postulates are perfectly correct and do not need to be modified in even the slightest way to get alternative equations consistent with them.

Further, the alternative time equation is not consistent with the philosophy that time itself dilates and therefore it does not require that the exact same time effect should hold for all clocks in a frame. A violation of the time dilation of Lorentz transformations need Not be a violation of the postulates of special relativity! All clocks not giving the same time dilation is the experimental cloud that has appeared over the Lorentz transformations.

Experimental and theoretical problems regarding special relativity are evaded at such conferences and other venues. There are consequences when a field abandons the logic of a counterexample, which, at minimum, will be the eventual invalidation of the life work of scientists whose success is centered around such evasion and suppression of inconvenient logic.

Thanks and regards,

Ashish Sirohi

Attachment: Paper – Space is Discrete for Mass and Continuous for Light


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