Letter to Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation regarding Time and Clocks Seminar, where speakers evaded certain facts and reason.

Subversion of Objective Pursuit of Truth post-WWII.

"Einstein is my friend, but my greatest friend is truth."

From: Ashish Sirohi

To: Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation Officers and Board

CC: Physicists involved with Time Seminar as Organizers, Speakers and Attendees

Sent: July 16, 2023

Subject:  WE-Heraeus Time Seminar – Evasion of Facts and Reason

Dear Officers and Board Members,

This is regarding Time and Clocks WE-Heraeus-Seminar that took place 27 Feb – 03 Mar 2023 at Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany. I would like to make you aware that, at Time conferences, physics authorities are not presenting objective truth regarding time and special relativity but, in fact, are selectively evading truth. It remains true that the two postulates of special relativity have no facts and reason against them, but special relativity also has equations. These conferences have been hiding experimental and theoretical problems with time equation of special relativity: its observational time dilation problems and questions about the logic of the derivation of the time dilation formula. Details of these two are at https://medium.com/@ashishsirohi28/ac06e5bdf987 and I do not repeat these here.

At conferences like yours that aim to “enable tomorrow’s researchers to take their first steps in science” (https://www.we-heraeus-stiftung.de) such continued evasion of truth by speakers regarding time is particularly a danger because being indoctrinated into foundational physics that rests on evasion of facts and reason will not be a path to achieving any valid physics result. Researchers think that if some published experimental result regarding time was not reported by most of the science media or mainstream media and was not discussed in physics conferences (specifics at above link), it must not be important to physics. Young researchers may not realize that physics authorities and the media are two powerful pro-Einstein groups that do not want physicists pondering certain emerging questions, particularly those regarding time. The power and blind faith of physics authorities in the space and time of special relativity has effectively banned discussion of alternatives that do not have the equations of special relativity as a limiting case. Today relativity worshipping authorities control all methodologies, from peer review to conferences, and are particularly experts at public relations; the media share their leanings and have been their partners in shutting out inconvenient emerging alternative facts and reason. In recent decades, actions and evasions by these two groups have denied physics the freedom needed for progress on space and time.

The pre-WWII physics methodology that sought to openly pursue truth no matter where it may lead has been abandoned when it comes to space and time foundations. However, those organizing physics conferences may be able to help by encouraging speakers to return to the way of openly discussing all emerging facts and reason rather than pursuing selective evasion so as to preserve Einstein’s foundational spacetime.

A researcher on time foundations is highly likely to succumb to pressure and join the rest of physics in complying with the effective requirement of working on preserving the validity of the special relativity equations by having any development of new physics maintain these equations, and the associated spacetime, as a limiting case. But is the young researcher making such a choice after having all reason and facts – including (1) the emerging time dilation observational conflict whereby certain cosmic clocks observations have shown violations of the time dilation equation and (2) the emerging questions regarding the validity of the logic of Einstein’s derivation of the equations of special relativity, which derivation claims to show that there are no alternative equations possible? Are the choices that “researchers … tak[ing] their first steps” are making affected by certain facts and reason being withheld by physics authorities and science media? Should such evasion by science authorities and media be acceptable and, even if it has become regular practice, should this way be facilitated by reputable organizations and foundations?

“Einstein is my friend, but my greatest friend is truth.” (adapted from how Newton explained his not working to preserve Aristotelian physics). Physics truths that go against a revered theory should not be evaded, and practice that does so should be shunned.

Your foundation “is highly regarded among physicists, and is considered to be Germany’s most important private donor institution in the field of physics” I am writing as part of an effort to reach out to government and private organizations regarding evasion of certain facts and reason in physics. Some of these communications are being archived at https://churchofphysics.org/developments.

Thanks and regards,

Ashish Sirohi 

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