White Americans' IQ Decline is Confirmed by 2023 IQ Tests - Book Chapters 14 & 15 Coming True!

400,000 Americans tested between 2006 and 2018 in several ability areas, with report published in 2023.

News Excerpt: "Falling IQs have become yet another mystery for scientists to solve."

Chapters 14 & 15 give student data showing that cognitive abilities of white Americans have been in decline relative to Asian Americans and others, as well as the cause.

This IQ decline of the American majority will have substantial consequences.

IQ Fall predicted in Book, published 2022: Toppling Relativity: My Struggle With the Church of Physics and Other Evaders of Truth

Chapter 14. The Declining IQ of White Americans

Part IV (chapters 14 & 15) from the Book-Description/Back-cover.

IV. The Evasion of a Key Truth and the Resulting Fall of Western Civilization:

… [Author] discovered the dramatic reality, evidenced by test results, of white students having falling IQs, as well as its cause. The effect of such white decline is that the intellectual fall of Western schools and universities is already well in progress. However, ancient civilizations, across different races, seem to share a common immunity to the cause of this IQ fall. We seem to be at the start of a new age of reversion to leadership of ancient civilizations.

From my own study of American students’ performance on math and verbal sections of standardized tests, I had predicted that this decline would be measurable in IQ tests. However, no such American IQ tests data was available at the time I gave this IQ conclusion in the book.

Now this decline prediction is being confirmed in 2023 through IQ tests report and related news, carrying headlines such as Scientists report drop in young people’s IQs and Historic decline in IQ … 

Note, though, that this 2023 IQ report does not have racial breakup and only has the aggregate American decline. Whites are, of course, the American majority so their decline will manifest as American decline.

Book chapters 14 & 15 noted the additional detail that the data from American standardized tests – NAEP, SAT, ACT –  shows white student decline:

… American black-white students’ standardized testing gap had been growing wider for decades and then noticeably started a reverse trend and began narrowing around 2005. This coincided with a widening Asian-white gap, including on tests of Verbal/English where whites had traditionally been ahead of Asian Americans. What is the cause of these trends? What had been getting worse among black American students relative to whites prior to 2005, and then what started going wrong with white American students relative to blacks and Asians?

Below is some of the news coverage of this 2023 study which confirms American IQ fall:

American IQ Test Scores Show Recent Declines, According To New Study, https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeltnietzel/2023/03/23/american-iq-test-scores-show-recent-declines-according-to-new-study/?sh=1bd20fc0559f :

[A] remarkable finding that runs counter to the well-established trend of increasing IQ scores throughout much of the 20th century … in a large U.S. sample of almost 400,000 individuals tested between 2006 and 2018 in several ability areas … More research will be needed to explore the possible explanations for the phenomenon.

Online tests suggest IQ scores in US dropped for the first time in nearly a century, https://phys.org/news/2023-03-online-iq-scores-century.html: “They also found that the steepest declines were among young people … The researchers did not conduct any research to try to explain the drop …”

IQ scores in the US have fallen for the first time in decades, study suggestshttps://nypost.com/2023/03/09/study-suggests-iq-scores-in-the-us-have-fallen/

Scientists report drop in young people’s IQshttps://www.thecollegefix.com/scientists-report-drop-in-young-peoples-iq/ : “Average IQ of young people, including college graduates, is going down … the steepest decline was for the youngest study participants — even if they had gone to college …”

Historic decline in IQ could stem from poor education, study shows, https://www.campusreform.org/article?id=21483

American IQ Scores Have Rapidly Dropped … , https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a43469569/american-iq-scores-decline-reverse-flynn-effect/: “Falling IQs have become yet another mystery for scientists to solve.”

Why Are We Getting Dumber? https://www.commentary.org/abe-greenwald/why-are-we-getting-dumber/ : “We’re still smart enough to know that high IQ is correlated with economic success and productivity, so the finding … is cause for concern.”

As I note in Chapter 15 of book, “a decline in the top IQ band would affect the count of STEM majors … .” America “cannot remain a STEM leader, and that leadership is today essential to be the leading economic power. Beyond STEM, if reading ability is in decline and this begins to show up even among those with degrees from top universities, then all types of American companies will suffer.” 

The largest American news publications have chosen to evade this emerging reality of American IQ decline. Book chapters 14-15: “There will be serious consequences for not addressing the reality and the cause of this IQ … fall.” Further, from these chapters:

Our predictions regarding the fall of America are based on measurable changes happening within the American white majority. … That American universities and mainstream media are hostile to the pursuit of such unpopular truths will not make the truth and its consequences go away.

Chapter excerpts are available, see above.


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